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How to connect a Wireless IP camera to your wireless network and computer

First to know

Every network device has an IP Adres (Internet Protocol) to connect and locate them. The ip camera have an IP address wich allows you to connect to the camera. Your wireless router/modem also have a IP adress and gives every computer connect to this network a IP adress in this range. (or you give your computer an IP address manual in the range of the router/network.)

The main problem wile people try to connect their wireless ip camera is the (factory set) outrange ip address of the camera.
For Example Your modem/router gives ip addresses in the range to and the camera uses ip address, means you cant connect the camera wireless or RJ45 connected because the modem/router does not see the camera.

Now we're gonna connect them!!


  • 1.1 Connect the wireless ip camera to the network lan port of your computer with a RJ45 cable wich uselly comes along in the package of the camera.

  • 1.2 Go to the Network Locations and click Network Connections. There you find the LAN-CONNECTION icon and Double click it.

  • 1.3 Click the Properties button
  • 1.4 Click the TCP/IP Protocol (Figure down left).
  • 1.5 You see that there is no Ip specified (Figure down right) so its automatically use one given from the modem/router.
  • 1.6 Tab the "Use ip as follow" round and fill the ip address you know from the camera + 1. For example. The camera use > so you use
  • 1.7 Subnet Mask is always and Gateway is not important this time arround.
  • 1.8 Save it.

    STEP 2

  • Now your Lan connection is in the same range as the ip camera (still connected by cable) and you can open Internet explorer and typ http:// + the ip address of the ip camera to connect to the ip camera

  • Uselly you need to give a login and password wich can be found in the manual.

    STEP 3

    Once logged in, leave the Explorer window active, first we're gonne set-up the wireless settings for the camera.

    (1) We need te know the ip address of your wireless connection from your computer wich given from the router/modem:
  • Go to the Network Locations and click Network Connections. There you find the WIRELESS-CONNECTION icon and Double click it.
  • You see the Status screen, click the second tab on top.
    (1)Write down or remember the ip adres (for example and default gateway address (for example and close the window.

    (2) and we need te know the name (SSID) of the wireless connection
    For the name of the network, watch the 2 computers in the right corner of the status bar (also time shown there). Hold your mouse on it and the words "wireless connection" and the name of the connection show up. Write down or remember this name (SSIS). (for example: Default)

    STEP 4

  • Go back to the explorer window wich contains the page of the ip camera.
  • Search for the network settings and wireless settings (uselly stored in one single screen)
  • You'll see the ip adres of the camera, change this in the adres in the one wrote down + 1. For example wrote down, fill in
  • You'll see the field named Default Gateway, fill in the wrote down gateway adres (for example
  • Search the wireless settings and fill in the wrote down SSID (for example: Default)
  • You can uselly setup the security settings of the wireless connection, do this if connection is secured.

    STEP 5

  • Save settings, restart camera, disconnect the RJ45 cable and try to connect the camera wireless with the new assignd ip address. (for example

  • Dont forget to set the LAN-CONNECTION back automatically, see step 1.6

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