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Control your computer on distance with Real VNC

When you want to controll a computer from distance you can Use VNC-Server, for example you're on your work and want to watch how far a download is on your computer at home. VNC is a program that runs on your computer a is able to give someone acces to it by using your IP-adres and port. To protect you can set a password.

Here is an example of using Real VNC by HTTP.

VNC Viewer or true internet using Java

There are two way's to remote. 1 by installing the VNC-viewer on the computer you want to remote view or 2 Using HTTP in your internet browser. Surf to the Ip adres and port and Java does the rest. With using the HTTP browser you can log-in to your computer everywhere without install any software (except java from sun.)


1: Download Real VNC Free Edition.
Make sure you have version 4.1.2 or highter due some security reasons. When you have an earlier version your computer is hacked within 2 hours and set up a ftp connection wich take rid of your bandwidth

2: If Installation is finished settings menu opens automatically. Only set up a password

Open Ports / forward IP

3: You can also choose wich ports VNC have to use. Standard it use 5800 for Java HTTP and 5900 for Real VNC Viewer. This forts has to be forward in your router/modem. The modem needs to know these ports has to be available for VNC. Log in into your modem, search for "Port forward" of "NAT". Typ the local ip VNC is using. (Check to hold mouse pointer on VNC logo in traybar at bottom right, you'll see something like Also putt in the outgoing and incoming port (both 5800 of 5900).

You can check local by typing in your browser http://yourLANip:5800 (example: When everything is alright a VNC logo appears and have to ask for a password.

Be sure that VNC is running. Let VNC-Server running wile windows starts-up by adding vnc to the start-up menu.